This Week’s Readings

The (optional) Svenonius reading is now uploaded as a PDF in the LMS (both chapters are in the same file). I requested the Chan chapter be scanned as a course reserve item, but I think the library must be swamped with requests, because it isn’t showing up yet. In the meantime, it’s available in print at the Pratt Manhattan library, under several editions & call numbers (click here to find them). Remember, you don’t need to read the whole thing word-for-word, just skim it.

So below is a complete list of the week’s readings, with clarification as to where they each are.  😉


  • Chowdhury, Ch. 3: Cataloguing, p. 29-38. (Stop at the section on FRBR). (Your textbook, so you should have this.)
  • Levy, D. (1995). Cataloging in the digital order. In: Proceedings of Digital Libraries ’95. The Second Annual Conference on the Theory and Practice of Digital Libraries, June 11-13, 1995, Austin, Texas. Read online here:
  • Just skim this: Chan, L. M. (2007). Ch. 3: Anglo-American Cataloging Rules: Description (p. 64-114). In:  Cataloging and Classification: An Introduction. Lanham, MD: Scarecrow Press. At the PMC Library, not currently on reserve, multiple print copies available.

Optional readings:

  • Svenonius, E. (2000). Ch. 2: Bibliographic objectives and Ch. 5: Principles of description (p. 15-30, 67-85). In: The Intellectual Foundation of Information Organization. Boston: MIT.  On the LMS for the week’s readings, as a PDF. 
  • Maxwell, R.L. (2002). Ch. 4: Authority control of names. In Maxwell’s Guide to Authority Work. Chicago, IL: American Library Association. On reserve at the PMC Library (in print). 

For your reference (all are linked):


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