Updated reading for October 7th!

Since the government shutdown is currently making Library of Congress information inaccessible, let’s replace the Tillett reading (What is FRBR? A conceptual model for the bibliographic universe) with this one (which I’ve uploaded to the LMS):

Carlyle, Allyson. (2006). Understanding FRBR As a Conceptual Model: FRBR and the Bibliographic Universe. Library Resources & Technical Services, 50(4). 

Quick FYI: I will be out of the country starting this afternoon and will not be back until Monday morning.

Finally, don’t forget to turn in your completed Final Project Proposal Form, giving your abstract of your individual essay topic, by next Monday!  Have a great week!


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I'm a Las Vegas-based, Texas-bred academic librarian (Director of Planning & Assessment at UNLV), with a PhD in Higher Education. When not researching (ha!), I'm traveling, writing, photographing, geeking out, painting, reading, & discovering new hobbies with my husband.

One thought on “Updated reading for October 7th!

  1. FBRB – Confusing on paper, better as an example

    Thanks for including the Caryle reading for this week. It was a huge help in getting a better grasp on the vagueness of the FRBR model. While the model in the textbook looked nice, it needed a better example of a “work, ” “expression,” “manifestation” and “item.” Looking at the Charles Dickens book and movie example helped bring clarity, but it still is baffling to think of this model for other items that need to be classified (such as the Seattle Space Needle). I got lost on the second and third groups. Hopefully we got over this more in detail about class.


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