A Great Example of How Libraries Are Using Linked-Data

Last class we watched a pretty cool video on linked-dated.  It appears from this article posted on The Chronicle of Higher Education website that librarians are beginning to see the benefit of using linked-data, especially for archives and special collections.  Last month, just in time for Halloween, the manuscripts which led to the creation of the novel Frankenstein were released to the public through a collaboration between the New York Public Library and the Bodleian Library, at the University of Oxford.  Although, thousands of miles apart, the two libraries utilized linked-data concepts to present this great project to the public.  Also, interesting is how they created the metadata for this project.



2 thoughts on “A Great Example of How Libraries Are Using Linked-Data

  1. This is really interesting! After reading the article it’s clear to me that this is really just the beginning and hopefully there will be more manuscripts like this put online. It certainly creates a whole new world for librarians to create and explore. I think projects like this are going to be so important in our field and a good example of why libraries will keep on breathing despite the boost of ebooks and our increasingly electronic world.

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