The Future of Search

I just saw this TedTalk about the future of search engines, and I think it brings up some interesting ideas relevant to what we’re doing. I don’t think I really agree with much of what he has to say, and think he is too optimistic about the possibilities of technology (but that could just be me being my paranoid self). It kinda irks me that at no point in his talk does he ever mention the word library or anything close, which could be problematic in that we are no longer even in the conversation when it comes to information retrieval. Also, that the next step for search engines is personalized searches, which seems to be a big infringement on privacy. While libraries may always be behind something like Google, I think the best thing we can offer, at the very least, is privacy in searches.

Here’s the video…


2 thoughts on “The Future of Search

  1. I like this idea of decoding the past and showing the history of search engines. He was sharing impressive facts; I did not know that Google is 98 percent of the searches in Turkey that is fascinating. Google represents the scariest database besides the NSA’s.. The fact that they have 5 billion searches a day is going to only hurt academic databases. I hope that this movement of google technology helps bring down the price of databases allowing them to become more affordable in the future.
    I also liked the talk also about google glass, how information will in effect come to you, as you need it. This would be such an advanced tool in a library, when searching for books you can read their online summary and review! Cyborg Anthropologists are going to have a field day with this idea!

  2. I agree with your reaction to the fact that he never mentions the word library once. If libraries aren’t being mentioned in the future of the dissemination of information, then what is the future of libraries? It doesn’t feel as if people will find them necessary any longer, which is a scary thought. I also agree that libraries can offer a level of privacy that is rarely found when using the Internet these days.
    However, I would like to add that this also reminded me of our conversations about using something like Google versus using a database. With less and less schools having libraries, how are students going to learn that aspect of searching for information? It just seems that the problem starts with education. Until children are brought up with experience using a database, libraries shouldn’t be mentioned in the future of searching, because no one will think use them as a resource.

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