Tagging the British National Collection

We have been talking a lot about social tagging this semester and I wanted to share this project I recently found out about that is a great example of how social tagging can benefit cultural institutions. The BBC and the Public Catalogue Foundation have teamed up to create Your Paintings, a website that allows you to tag any painting in the British National Collection. There are over 200,000 painting that need to be tagged and only 20,000 have been tagged so far. I like the interactive nature of this project and it allows users to have some power over the choice of language used to search for the paintings. It is also an ingenious way for the institutions to save time and money. 

Here is the link if you want to try it out:



3 thoughts on “Tagging the British National Collection

  1. This seems like the wave of the future! Good for the BBC and the Public Catalogue Foundations for taking a step forward. They’re probably saving themselves a lot of time and money not to mention how happy they’re probably making art lovers. It must be so exciting to visit the website and tag the art yourself!

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