Take Me To the Tag Cloud

In light of our radical cataloging presentation tonight, which touches upon the current trend of zine collecting in both academic and public libraries, I thought I’d post a Tumblr that I came across last week.  ZINE REVIEWS (zine-reviews.tumblr.com) is dedicated to exactly that — reviewing all manner of zines from all around the world.  The site is set up very simply, yet involves a complex web of information.  The landing page consists of the latest zine reviews and news, which are published by the coordinator of the Tumblr site, and also by submitters (there is a link describing how to submit zines for review).  Then, the fun stuff: all of the zines are organized in three different ways.  The first is just a basic alphabetical listing of all zines reviewed on the site, alphabetized by title with details like the author and issue numbers included as well.  You can also browse zines by topic and by genre — and these are organized via tag clouds.  These clouds are a perfect demonstration of social tagging trumping subject headings.  The tags are curated and not convoluted or misleading at all; rather, they are straight-forward, and change in size depending on how much they are used.  For publications like zines, which are by default primary resources and considered to be alternative texts, social tagging is great because it is moving much faster than the Library of Congress.  These simple subject headings are much more discrete and direct than anything LoC would ascribe, which just causes publications to get lost in the fray.  And by virtue of their underground status, zines are all the more likely to get lost under subject headings that don’t accurately reflect the material.

Take a look at ZINE REVIEWS, and if you’re so inclined, submit some zines/reviews of your own!  Perfect winter break activity.


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