Classification and Life

I really enjoyed the section on Classification in the Chowdhury reading. It made me think of how I classify and even organize things every day, even though I don’t consciously do it. After being posed with the question in class, and then revisiting the topic in the reading I came to realize just how classified my life is.

My clothes have been unconsciously classified into categories such as shirts, bottoms, dresses and hanging shirts. My kitchen utensils have been organized into drawers and cabinets according to what they are used for. All of the pots and pans are together, all of the eating utensils are together, all of the wine glasses live together, etc.

Realizing these things has helped me to understand just how easy classification/organization is and how it varies from user to user. Therefore it is important that libraries try and look at what will work best for all of their users.


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