Buckland and Meadow

While Buckland’s article, “Information as Thing,” is quite theoretical and, at times, hard to access and understand, it still offers an introduction to the concept of information. In this piece, Buckland also begins to explore the idea of a document, which he expands on in, “What is a Document?” While reading about the different conceptualizations of a document that Buckland proposes, I started to think about Meadow’s article. When discussing Suzanne Briet, Buckland (1997) writes, “a document is evidence in support of a fact” (p.806). So the reason that a document can be considered evidence is because it is perceived as being factual or as Meadow (1992) says, “the nature of the action will be determined by the recipient’s degree of belief in the information or understanding of its meaning” (p.30). Therefore, the document is like data and information since “information is data that changes the state of a system that perceives it,” (Meadow, 1992, p.22) whether that system is human or not.


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