“Information as Thing”

Information is one of those words that has a clear meaning, until you are asked to actually define it.  Before reading “Information as Thing” I was unaware of the different definitions of information—particularly information as thing.  According to the text, information as thing is a physical object that is seen as being informative.  For me though, that definition seems to stretch to fit just about anything into its terms.  The text attempts to clarify by giving examples of things that act as information, such as dinosaur fossils.  But can’t anything really be seen as information?  Everything we take in with our senses is delivering information to us, so how does this definition tell us anything new?  Similarly, the text goes on to give a broad and general definition to the word document as well—stating it as a generic term to classify informative objects.  This reading does not jive well with my ideas about knowledge and information organization, mostly because it is laying the groundwork with definitions and basics instead of building on the ideas.



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