Cataloging – (Organizing Information – Chapter 3)

This chapter (and the preceding chapter on Information Organization in Non-Library Environments) provided me with some essential information.  My expectation from this course (LIS-653) is to gain the ability to access information expeditiously (knowing how to write the proper query based on the data source).  Understanding how objects/documents/meta data are cataloged is key to this super power.  And so, I am happy to be learning a “from the shelf to the web” approach.

It is interesting to note that one of the key points – that might be easily missed while reading – is that librarians already have the cataloging super power and I think that one way to improve one’s own skills is to ask a professional – thereby learning more about the logic of cataloging.  Here is a perfect example:  Our exercise on cataloging collections has led me down many paths in search of information that will become part of the catalog.  After exhausting my own methods, I wrote to the New York Public Librarian, explained what I had done thus far, and asked for additional resources.



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