Chowdhury – Organizing Information – Chapter 3

Wow! For something that I’ve used pretty regularly since childhood, I had no idea just how complex the history and construction of cataloging was. Chowdhury outlines the different objectives for library catalogues and how different systems are used to categorize the items within them. This was easier when the only items that needed categorizing were books, films, etc, but has become more complicated with the advent of digital resources.

To an outside observer, it could seem like this is way too much effort to put into a library system. We of course know better, and it’s these systems that help build a library’s consistency with other libraries and archives around it. The specificity of the catalogue is very important to a user that is looking for something particular. Chowdhury outlines how each record is created in each system, which can be quite the process. It’s also pointed out something else we all know: the internet has been a huge game changer when it comes to cataloging resources. (I did read ahead a bit, sorry! The metadata format sounds awesome.) It was all a bit complex for me but I look forward to finding out more about it in class!


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