Example: Final Project Proposal Post

This is an example of how I would like each of you to post your proposal for your final project. You will be working in two-person groups for part of the project, but each of you must create a separate proposal post. This post is due before class on February 25th.

  1. Name: Starr Hoffman
  2. Group members:  Me, Myself, and I
  3. My group has chosen this topic: traditional cataloging
  4. I am interested in this topic because: I found MARC tags to be fascinating, and I’d like to learn more about them.
  5. List at least three specific resources that you have found that may be useful to your essay research. (You may or may not use them in your final essay.) One of these sources may be a website. 
    1. Author, Name. (2013). Article. Journal, 33/2, p. 1-23.
    2. Author, Name. (2013). Article. Journal, 33/2, p. 1-23.
    3. Website name. http://www.URL.com
  6. Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus my individual research essay on the following aspect of my topic (one-paragraph abstract):

Our group will be presenting on MARC tags and their development. I’d like to focus my individual essay on how MARC tags can continue to be relevant for cataloging newer resources, such as websites and applications. I plan to research evidence citing how practical this approach might be.

Consider: How is your topic interesting or important?  Are there unresolved questions relating to your topic?  How might you approach these questions? (Your answer to this question will constitute your argument.  Your argument may change as you do more research on and think more deeply about your topic.)


About Dr. Starr Hoffman

I'm a Las Vegas-based, Texas-bred academic librarian (Director of Planning & Assessment at UNLV), with a PhD in Higher Education. When not researching (ha!), I'm traveling, writing, photographing, geeking out, painting, reading, & discovering new hobbies with my husband.

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