MARC Must Die

I was in the process of reviewing the MARC 21 format in chapter 4 of Organizing Information when I received our professor’s reminder to read the MARC Must Die article.  After reading the article, I went in search of later articles to see what librarians were writing on the “MARC Must Die”subject.  So I must include in this post, the words of an Information Manager at a company called SystemScope:

Goodbye Librarians, Hello Information Ninjas!

Traditionally, library services have been distinguished by the fact that they deal solely with published materials but, we would argue, they can be applicable to a variety of information types. We are beginning to see that information is no longer intrinsically tied to one format. It is viscous, able to change shape as required. In order to adapt and continue to manage information in the best ways possible, those of us in the world of professional information services should not limit ourselves with arbitrary format distinctions (you handling the data, me handling the official records, him managing only published materials).

Models that define information roles and information services based on content type distinctions are becoming less relevant – more likely than not, we will begin seeing overlaps and complementary domains developing.

In light of this author’s point of view, I have written to the librarians at the NYPL to get some feedback – and I will share that information once it arrives.



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