MARC readings

I admit that I found the Encyclopedia of Library Science article difficult to get through, with its meticulous history of MARC developments!  The LOC booklet was a much better read, and consequently I think I took away more understanding of MARC after reading it.  Reading about MARC brought me back to early HTML coding days, and I agree with my classmates’ previous posts that MARC seems outdated and unnecessarily difficult given technology advances.  I’m no tech wiz, but it seems that LOC, in collaboration with the tech industry, could come up with a more user friendly way for catalogers to input bibliographic information.  Right now, a person searching the library catalog can view a MARC record’s information in a very user friendly format (similar to cards in the old drawer catalogs).  It seems logical that a similar format for inputting the information would be beneficial.   For that reason, I enjoyed the critique of MARC in the article, “MARC must die.”  It seems a good idea to take a step back and, putting MARC aside with the outdated and irrelevant criteria for its origin, analyze what information would be useful to include in a record today (a picture of the book jacket cover was a great example) and how to do that in a user centered way.  

Katie B.


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