Final Project Proposal

1. Hailey Watkins

2. Group: Hailey Watkins & Amelia George

3. Topic: User Interface Design

4. I am interested in this topic because it affects people in everyday life.  Every website a user visits has a specific design that is intended to make the user experience pleasant and easy.  This is done through careful design and analysis of user patterns and ways of thinking.  I am interested in this because the thought process behind user experience design is complex and truly affects everyone (although you only notice it when the experience is bad).

5. Sources:

Blair-Early, A., Zender, M. (2008). User interface design principles for interaction design. Design Issues, volume 24, No. 3, 85-107.

Hartson, R. (2012). The UX book: Process and guidelines for ensuring a quality user experience. Massachusetts: Elsevier.

U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, (2014). User interface design basics. Retrieved from website:

6. Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus on the topic of user experience for children, within the larger topic of user interface design.  This topic is extremely relevant in today’s world where children are learning more and more from educational websites and applications.  Questions regarding this topic are: How does a child’s user experience differ from an adult’s? Will it hinder or stimulate children when faced with a more challenging user interface?  Are children more susceptible to an intuitive user interface design than adults?


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