The End of Technical Services?

I found the article by Eden on “The New User Environment: The End of Technical Services” to be  very similar to my own feelings, especially after reading on the first page that the average user’s expectations from a search actually represent most of the feelings I, myself, have when searching (e.g. systems to provide a lot of intelligent assistance, full text availability, and multiple formats available).  Looking at the research preferences by students and other researchers, it no longer makes sense that research libraries invest so much in their collections when, as Karen Calhoun states, search engines are students and scholars’ favorite place to begin a search.  By investing so much money in catalogs, the libraries are ignoring the user preference for methods of searching.  I think this article raises interesting points about the direction that libraries should be moving (concerning areas such as technical services) when it comes to user demands, and more importantly, asks that we abandon our older ideas and move forward along with the user population.


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