Final Project Proposal

Name:  Amelia George

Group Members:  Amelia George & Hailey Watkins

Topic:   User Interface Design

I am interested in this topic because it is something that affects everyone all over the world. I have had experiences with great user interfaces as well as horrible ones and this definitely decides how often I use a website regardless of the content. I am interested to learn more about what goes into the design process.


Blair-Early, A. & Zender, M. (2008). User Interface Design Principles for Interaction Design. Design Issues, 24(3), 85-107.

Schulze, A. N. (2001). User-Centered Design for Information Professionals. Journal of Education for Library and Information Science, 42(2), 116-122.

Wan, G. (2006). Visualizations for Digital Libraries. Information Technology & Libraries, 25(2), 88-94.

Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus on the topic of user interface design on library websites. In my paper I will discuss the particular considerations of designing a library interface. How are library websites different from other ones? What do library users need to make their experience a positive one? Should libraries model their interface design off of popular websites like amazon and google? How can libraries improve their interface design? I will compare my experience as a user of different libraries’ software to try and answer these questions. This is an important topic as user experience is so important to the purpose of libraries.


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