Resource Description and Access (RDA)

The article by Karen Coyle and Diane Hillman really got me thinking. They made excellent points about how libraries need to change their catalogs to be more accessible for modern users. I have experienced frustration when trying to use the Pratt library website as well as the NYPL website. I find it frustrating that rather than just directly searching for a term or title I must first go to the correct journal, database etc. and then go through even more steps to locate the article I am looking for. If libraries change their cataloging systems to  be more competitive with the kinds of search engines and databases most people are used to using, such as google, it can only benefit them. I also think more work needs to be done to inform or remind the public why they should be using libraries. Not only are the sources you can find from the library often better quality, but they are also free. This seems rather obvious but I think it’s something people often don’t think about. Libraries are still necessary in the modern age, but they need to evolve with it in order to continue to be used.


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