Final Project Proposal

1. Michael Dent

 2. Michael Dent and Jacky Connolly

 3. Image Indexing and Retrieval

 4. I am interested in this topic because I do not have experience in

indexing and retrieving images.  I am curious to learn how images are

organized, how they differ from other materials, and what standards are applied to them.


5. Jörgensen, C. (2003). Image retrieval: Theory and research. Lanham, Md: Scarecrow Press.

 Benois-Pineau, J., Precioso, F., & Cord, M. (2012). Visual indexing and retrieval. New York, NY: Springer.

 Vicario, E. (1998). Image description and retrieval. New York: Plenum Press.


6. Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus on what

distinguishes the indexing and retrieving of images from other types of

library materials.  The project will explore what is unique about image

databases, indexing, retrieval methods and cataloging.  We will set out to answer the question: are there distinct cataloging standards, databases, and do different classification methods apply


One thought on “Final Project Proposal

  1. Jacky’s note:

    Our final project will also touch on the differences between content-based image retrieval and more traditional semantic, metadata-based image retrieval, as well as the problems that exist in both of these query types. Searching for an image by an example image or a shape/color algorithm, for example, is a technology that has been undergoing development and is seen as desirable; however, as we can see with Google, many images seem to fall through the cracks of both semantic and content-based queries.

    Further references:

    Hanmandlu, M. M., & Das, A. (2011). Content-based Image Retrieval by Information Theoretic Measure. Defence Science Journal, 61(5), 415-430.

    Veltkamp, Remco C., Tanase, Mirela. (2000). Content-base Image Retrieval Systems: A Survey. Utrecht University. Retrieved February 25th, 2014 from

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