Final Project Proposal

Diana Sapanaro

Group Members: Diana Sapanaro and Kate Chronister

My group has chosen the topic of Non-Western Cataloging Systems

I am interested in this topic because it is not directly covered in our course. It is logical that non-Western cataloging systems are not covered at Pratt since they are most likely not utilized in America. However, it is still interesting to learn about another country’s system of cataloging.


Liu, M., Kwok, L., & Chan, K. (2012). Why Change to the Chinese Classification
Scheme? A Case Study in an Academic Library. Cataloging & Classification
Quarterly, 50(8), 852-868.

Zhang, W. (2003). Classification for Chinese Libraries (CCL): Histories,
Accomplishments, Problems and Its Comparisons. Journal Of Educational
Media & Library Sciences, 41(1), 1-22.

Hu, Y., & Chen, Y. (2007). Differences Between the DDC and the CLC in Classifying
Works of Literature. Illinois Libraries, 86(4), 5-10.

Jiang, S. (2007). Into the Source and History of Chinese Culture: Knowledge
Classification in Ancient China. Libraries & The Cultural Record, 42(1), 1-20.

Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus on The Chinese Library Classification also known as The Classification for Chinese Libraries and The New Classification Scheme for Chinese Libraries. In my paper, I would like to outline and explain the Chinese Library Classification System, briefly discuss its history, as well as compare it to Western Classification Systems, such as the Dewey Decimal System. Additionally, China has a long history of censorship. I would like to explore this impact upon libraries and their classification systems. Does China’s censorship manifest itself in the libraries’ catalog?


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