Final Project Proposal

  1. Name: Katie Bednark
  2. Group members:  Katie Bednark and Jillian Lazaridis
  3. My group has chosen this topic: Information Architecture
  4. I am interested in this topic because: Outside of my own annoyance at websites that are not well organized and well designed, I haven’t approached this topic since my early undergraduate years.  I would like to learn more about good information organization structures.  All libraries should exemplify good information architecture on their websites (as the saying goes, “practice what you preach”).  A well-organized library website not only makes finding information easier for the user, but it also lends credibility to the library and librarian, which may increase the value placed on their services.  When I start working as a librarian in K-12 education, I would like to be able to speak intelligently and collaborate with the specialists who design the library’s website/online presence in a meaningful way, since I will be more knowledgeable about the library’s users. 
  5. List at least three specific resources that you have found that may be useful to your essay research. (You may or may not use them in your final essay.) One of these sources may be a website. 
  • Mvungi, S., de Jager, K., & Underwood, P. (2008). An evaluation of the information architecture of the UCT Library web site. South African Journal of Libraries & Information Science, 74(2), 171-182.
  • Haller, Thom.  (2013).  Attending to performance. Bulletin of the American Society for Information Science & Technology, 36 (3), 55-56.
  • Information Architecture 101: Techniques and Best Practices.

    Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus my individual research essay on the following aspect of my topic (one-paragraph abstract):

While the group project will focus on basic Information Architecture principles, I would like to focus on school library websites in particular, and what kind of structures/information organization makes the most useful library websites. 


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