Hailey & Amelia- Assignment 1

User Groups:


Distinguishing characteristics of this user group are their relatively young age, their need for craft and creative supplies, and their need for a system that will help them study effectively. This group consists of kids and young adults who might study, work on posters, homework, art projects and general crafts. This group requires the office supplies to be  clearly and simply organized in order to work effectively. This is the primary user group.


Distinguishing characteristics of this user group are the members are older and require professional supplies. This group might use office supplies to keep records, take notes and stay organized. This group requires more mature supplies and also that their supplies are separate from the primary user group.

 Collection Title:

            From Crayons to Calculators: Organization at Home


 Chief source of information:

            Our chief source of information is the staples website: www.staples.com.

 Elements of bibliographic description:


-Physical details

–  Dimensions

–  Terms of availability or price

Information Tasks:

 An information task for the primary user group, kids/students, is: group everything together that you could use to make a poster for class.

An information task for the secondary user group, adults/professionals, is: to file and organize your tax documents for the year.

Catalog or retrieval tool:

           Abstract, index, or database


          In order to cater to our primary user group we will use pinterest (https://www. pinterest.com/) as our software. Children will be able to navigate pinterest by looking at the brightly colored and attractive images. We will display them in collections on different pinterest boards.



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