Katie and Jillian’s Collection – Assignment 1

COLLECTION TITLE:    Treasured Dolls!


  1. Young Girls – This group is comprised of girls between six months and twelve years of age.  We feel this is the most common group that plays with dolls.   Girls may want to use this collection because they do not have access to these specific dolls at home.  They may want to play with the doll before deciding whether to purchase their own similar doll.  Or, they may want to see a representation of a character from a story that they may have read.   This is our primary user group whose needs we will prioritize.
  2. Doll collectors – This group consist of any age person that enjoys doll collecting as a hobby.  A collector may want to see dolls that they do not have in their own collections and learn what other people collect, and the value of such dolls.  This group may also want to see these dolls because the dolls are inter-generational and may bring back childhood memories of playing with similar dolls.


We chose www.amazon.com as our chief source of information.  We found one specific resource, “DBT Track: The Ultimate Collector’s Software,” which is a database of thousands of dolls geared to collectors, but it is accessible only by paid subscription.  We could not find any other comprehensive source.   Specific information on each doll can be found using more specialized sources for different kinds of dolls, but Amazon’s website seems to be the best “one-stop” resource for our general needs.


  1. Doll’s name
  2. How the doll originated (ex.: storybook, movie, etc.)
  3. Body material
  4. Manufacturer/Date of Manufacture


  1. Young Girls: Find all dolls in the collection that originated from storybooks.
  2. Doll Collector – Find all dolls manufactured prior to 1950.

CATALOG OR RETRIEVAL TOOL:  We would use a database to serve as a retrieval tool.

SOFTWARE:  We will use Pinterest, to focus on images.


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