Kate and Diana: Assignment Number 1

Collection Title: Handheld Kitchen Tools

User Groups: Children and Chefs

Our user groups are set apart by age. Due to their age difference, they have varying levels of knowledge and understanding about the kitchen and what’s in it.

1.Children (10-15 years old)

Children are our primary user group because we are prioritizing their information needs since they are less knowledgeable than chefs. Children would use this collection to assist their parents with cooking as well as some tools for play.

2. Chefs (Older then 21 years of age)

Chefs are using this collection to cook because of their profession, but may also be using it for fun. We are not prioritizing their information needs because they are already well acquainted with the implements and their uses.

Chief Source of Information:

We have chosen Webster’s New World Children’s Dictionary because it is written in such a way that children can easily understand.

Elements of Bibliographic Description:

  1. Tool Name/Title
  2. Material
  3. Shape
  4. Use

Information Tasks:

Children: Which items in the collection have sharp edges?

Chefs: Which items in the collection do you use most often in the kitchen?

Catalog or Retrieval Tool:

Internet search engine/Internet search portal


We are going to use Pinterest because we feel that images are important to our primary user group.


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