Dublin Core, FRBR, and tagging

I enjoyed the tagging readings this week.  Aside from the fact that they are much less complex than FRBR or Dublin Core (I suggest reading about Dublin Core when you are wide awake; even though it is only 15 elements, I had trouble keeping the vocabulary straight), I am at least familiar with tagging.  However, I have only personally used tags on Flickr, where I like to look through a sewing group album of items that people made using a particular brand of sewing patterns.  Each pattern has a name, so if you want to make something using a particular pattern, you can narrow down the photos to only the ones using that pattern.  Easy.  And I appreciate the tags used on my favorite blogs, to find entries on certain subjects.  Those tags are all assigned by the same user (the blogger), so it would be easier to remain consistent in vocabulary usage.  I would think the lack of standard vocabulary in tagging might cause issues, if one has to search multiple synonyms or related words to find the desired results.  I still don’t understand some of the tagging I see on Facebook.  Do people really search all status updates for certain content?  I’ve never felt the need to do that, nor would I know how!   

Regarding the FRBR article (author Tillett), I like the relational aspect of FRBR.  I feel like I’ve used similar designs on websites when shopping.  It has the potential to be more thorough when performing research on a topic, when the user can see what else exists that is related to the specific search.  

Katie B.


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