Organization of Internet Information Resources

Thinking about the difficulties that arise when organizing information for the web was particularly appropriate as I worked on the catalog of insects. As you find the best sources for cataloging vocabularies/metadata online, you find that may find one source does not fit all of your information needs- different resources, of course, have slightly different focuses and scopes. You then aggregate different information together and reference your sources, but at the end of the day, even if you are only completing an assignment, the metadata on platforms such as Tumblr makes me wonder.. reproducing records found elsewhere on the Internet and sorting them with tags seems to be creating more duplicate, yet slightly different, information sources, more clutter than it is useful. Sites such as Twitter and Tumblr produce massive amounts of information garbage, orphan phrases and images with no overarching standard of organization or authority. When you think of the disorganization of the surface web, the deep web represents an even more senseless array of orphaned information, impervious to even Google’s web crawlers. Information and data truly grow as an outrageous, uncontrollable entity. There is something appealing about the vast amount of information impressions being made across the globe every second, but the archival impulse for none of it to become lost or degraded makes the idea seem nightmarish. On a brighter note, since our speaker last week and the readings we are now doing, I’m becoming interested in metadata librarianship!


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