Teaching the Radical Catalog by Emily Drabinski

Miss Drabinski underscores a point that has been echoed throughout many of our readings; namely that cataloging tends to reflect the attitudes, cultural influences and unwittingly perhaps, the prejudices of the cataloger.  Two statements made in Miss Drabinski’s essay expound further on these points.

  1. “The language used in the classifications is also a reflection of broader social structures.”
  2. “Classifications are hierarchical… masquerade as neutral when they are, in fact, culturally informed and reflective of social power.”

So this begs the question of how successfully one can actually “teach” radical cataloging.  Or does it come down to radical librarians making adjustments as they see fit.  (See the essay in Radical Cataloging  entitled “Respect My Authoritah”: Eric Cartman  and Enhanced Subject Access by Daniel CannCasciato.

In any event, I look forward to hearing Miss Drabinski speak at our session on Tuesday.


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