Syllabus Update

Just a note that there is a new syllabus uploaded on the blog. The next three class sessions will now be:

  • April 1: Subject Analysis
  • April 8: Data and Information Organization
  • April 15: Documentalist Movement

In addition, please note the due dates for your in-class collection and for your final project presentations:

  • April 29: In-class collections due
    • Each group will show their collection to the class, and discuss why they made specific choices about how to catalog and display them, considering all we’ve learned this semester. We will also discuss the collections as a class.
  • May 6: Final projects due (essays & presentations)
    • Each group will present on their final project topic. You will also each turn in your individual essay portion of the final project.

That’s all!  🙂


About Dr. Starr Hoffman

I'm a Las Vegas-based, Texas-bred academic librarian (Director of Planning & Assessment at UNLV), with a PhD in Higher Education. When not researching (ha!), I'm traveling, writing, photographing, geeking out, painting, reading, & discovering new hobbies with my husband.

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