Next Generation OPACs

Within the Next Generation OPACs article, I found the comparisons between first and second generation the most interesting.  For example, the fact that first-generation catalogs were designed for people who had originally used card catalogs, and then later generation OPACs added features like keyword searching.  I also found that the three-fold task described by Bowen is a clear-cut and straightforward description of the evolution that cataloging practice needs.  Those needs being to make cataloging tools accessible, to facilitate access to digital and print, and to create records suitable for use in a digital environment.  One section that I found particularly hard to grasp described browsing as a distinct strategy.  To me, browsing always seemed to directly defy the definition of strategy.  I think that some aspects of this article were a bit hard to understand, especially in this case, but overall I’m glad to have gotten a slightly deeper context of some of these ideas.


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