Michele and Heather’s Subject Analysis Exercise!

Website: http://www.vggallery.com

1. Analyze the Information Resource

Overall Discipline – Art

Intended Audience: Students of Art History, Art Researchers, Art Historians

What is the purpose of the Information resource: Education on the work of Vincent Van Gogh

What does it accomplish: Provides in-depth information on the works of Vincent Van Gogh from drawings to paintings.

What questions does it answer: What works comprise the Van Gogh catalogue raisonne.


Identify the important topics or concepts in the information resource:

Van Gogh’s oeuvre from Juvenilia to his death.

The topics include: paintings, drawings, sketches, watercolors, graphic works, letter sketches, letters to Theo, multimedia, etc.

Identify the form or genre: Website


2. This source is a website pertaining to the biography and artworks of Vincent van Gogh, one of the most famous Dutch art masters of Impressionism in the 19th century. A comprehensive archive of his paintings, letters, drawings, and watercolors are included, often with a picture. The website also has extensive resources related to van Gogh, including multimedia (books and films), auctions, exhibitions, and even information about controversies involving possible fake works.


3. Dutch art

            Painting, Dutch—19th century

Vincent van Gogh

Gogh, Vincent van (1853-1890) (name authority file)


Biography—19th century


Impressionism (Art)

19th century

Nineteenth century


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