I think Chew Chiat Naun’s article Next Generation OPACs: a cataloging viewpoint really captures what a dynamic and fluctuating time we are in for cataloging and integrated library systems.  He writes about many solutions and attempts to integrate library catalog data with the web, and to keep pace with search engines like Google Books and Google Scholar.  I think it’s interesting to consider how cataloging may change.  Over time, will “FRBRiztion” continue with work and expression level records emerging, which local catalogers can link with manifestation level records?  Will OCLC become the centralized registry for all works?  Will one ISSN be assigned to all manifestations of a work?  Or, with the continued development of faceted searching, can searching be best refined within the established structure?…


One thought on “Naun

  1. Michael, this is an excellent and insightful post. After reading this article, I started taking a closer look at faceted navigation and was quite amazed at what I had been taking for granted – even with regard to an NYPL search. More about it in our in-class discussion.

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