Readings for April 8th Class (Data Management & Linked Open Data)

Here are your readings for next Tuesday–hope you’re all having a great week!

P. Bryan Heidorn (2011). The Emerging Role of Libraries in Data Curation and E-science. Journal of Library Administration, 51(7-8): p.662–672. Online through Pratt:

What is Data Management? (NOTE: Please read all 6 tabs on this guide: Research Data, Data Planning, Data Management, Data Security, and Data Sharing.)

Data Management 101 Checklist (University of Minnesota Libraries)

VIDEO: Linked Open Data: What Is It? (Europeana)

VIDEO: What is Linked Data? (Manu Sporny)

Chapter 2: The Power of Linked Open Data, p. 22-29 in: Linked Open Data: The Essentials (by Bauer & Kaltenbock).


About Dr. Starr Hoffman

I'm a Las Vegas-based, Texas-bred academic librarian (Director of Planning & Assessment at UNLV), with a PhD in Higher Education. When not researching (ha!), I'm traveling, writing, photographing, geeking out, painting, reading, & discovering new hobbies with my husband.

2 thoughts on “Readings for April 8th Class (Data Management & Linked Open Data)

  1. Is anyone else having trouble opening the Univ. of Minnesota checklist? Mine is coming up with blocks of grey and black (security feature?). I even tried getting it from other places on the Internet, with the same result.

    1. Top of the morning to you. I was able to view the document so I have saved it as a PDF and have emailed that version to you.

      Have a wonderful weekend.


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