Linked Data

I love the idea of how much linked data helps us discover new information on the web.  Without linked data, most users will find the goal of their search and then stop.  With linked data, other sources of relevant and useful information are available right from the page–sources that might never have been found by the user.  I particularly enjoyed the videos explaining linked data, and how they break down the idea.  While the concept of linked data is understandable and reasonable to humans, I find it interesting that computers are still struggling with the advanced concept of knowing what ideas are and being able to identify them (especially in the case of images, as the Youtube video suggests).  While a computer can recognize an image, it is unable to identify what an image is and what concepts are related to it.  It is also interesting that we can rectify this situation by assigning properties and values to each data subject in order to better assist the computer understand our linked data.  It is almost inconceivable how much linked data an engine like Google uses in order to provide users with all available information!


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