Linked Open Data & Metadata

I really enjoyed the video animation in Linked Open Data– What Is It? Well-documented metadata that is formatted to link to and interact with other independent resources is the key behind this framework. The Internet is a database of documents in itself, but many of these documents are missing the raw metadata required for them to properly correlate/be aggregated with other relevant results. These Internet resources become “orphans” in this way. This reminds me of the “orphan image” phenomenon on the microblogging platform Tumblr. When tags are properly used, you can see who else has used the metadata as you have in tagging an image, but there is no standard for these tags; each user creates their own controlled vocabulary. One of the purposes of Tumblr is reblogging, so that the same document is linked and referenced on many other Tumblrs, but always links back to its initial posting. However, nothing prevents a random user from reposting the same exact thing as someone else without reblogging it; nothing even requires them to use tags if they don’t want to. Therefore, images are reposted many times and their connections to other images are broken. Thus, information can become an orphan or an anomaly and disappear from search results without proper raw data, as relevant as it may be.


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