What is a controlled vocabulary?

Controlled vocabulary is described as a subset of natural language.  it is not how we speak, but instead a translation of how we speak, in order to understand the actual organization of words.  When initially reading the definition of a controlled vocabulary, I first associated it with the “spell-check” mechanism of Google.  Even when a user is performing a Google search and using incorrect spelling, the search engine will still auto-correct and generate the intended search.  By having the controlled vocabulary, Google is able to ensure that the user finds the intended results, even with errors like misspellings.  I find the idea of a controlled vocabulary particularly interesting when it comes to some other examples that the article listed, such as for synonyms.  I imagine that individuals from different geographical areas who have different dialects would each use unique terms for the same words.  In a normal situation, those words would generate different responses, but with a controlled vocabulary both users are able to receive the same results.


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