Chowdhury – Chapter 6

This chapter outlined the basics of the terminology control readings, which was helpful because I’ve never been really good at this kind of thing and I was getting some high school grammar/syntax test feelings. (I was never good at those but look at me now!) This is an aspect of information organization that is definitely really important, but not really one I’d ever thought about before. It’s one of those things that’s always been there in the LCSH but I never took notice before.

What the chapter reminded me of is how this basically functions a lot like a Google search where if you put in a term pretty close to what you mean, the engine will understand and return results for what you actually wanted. (I couldn’t remember the term ‘cosmology’ while trying to do a search on it but when I did a search for ‘inflation theory’, Google returned results for cosmology.) I know that Google is a much more advanced and powerful system but that’s the parallel I see between the two. The semantically related phrases are all grouped together so that all the items with that information can be found or browsed with ease.


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