Intro Post: Erin E. McCabe

  • Hi, I’m Erin E. McCabe
  • I’m from Chicago.
  • I work in Content Development and Publisher Relations at JSTOR.
  • My educational goal for Pratt is (vaguely) to become better versed in researching and designing information based projects. Better explore the brain candy world. Better direct some of my more random interests.     
  • One of the things I appreciate most about the field is that it applies to a wide spectrum of work. I like my current overlap of publishing and library realms, but I have a real soft spot for SIG libraries, especially agricultural and garden based ones.
  • #1 semester at Pratt!
  • My guilty pleasures are a lot of cliche rap music, P.G. Wodehouse, and musicals.
  • My group: El Tigre / Christina, Kyle, Scarlett, Erin (Me)

About Erin E. McCabe

Publisher relations and content development assistant at JSTOR. Master's candidate in Library and Information Science at Pratt Institute.

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