Introduction: Diana Rosenthal

Name: Diana Rosenthal
Where I’m from: Long Island (western Suffolk County on the south shore)
Where I work/what I’m interested in: I’m an editor/archivist at the American Museum of Natural History in the Anthropology Division (specifically the North American Archaeology Laboratory). I have a history and journalism background, which I get to use in my job editing scientific publications and maintaining the research archives in my department. I’m interested in museums and archives, but I have an open mind about all things libraries!
Semester at Pratt: This is my third, counting summer 2014.
Guilty pleasure from this summer: Reading lots of advice columns, like Dear Prudence on I feel like I should also admit that I watch a lot of Bravo TV.

My group: The Navigators! (Elizabeth, Rachel, Maureen, and Diana!)


About Diana Rosenthal Roberson

Scientific publications editor and archivist at the American Museum of Natural History with a Master of Science in Library and Information Science from Pratt Institute. New York City enthusiast.

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