Weekly Response Posts

Each week, you will be required to post (here on the class blog) a brief response to one or more of the assigned readings. This response is designed to give you the opportunity to reflect on what you read and to prepare you for in-class discussions. It is also a chance for you to bring up any ambiguities or confusing parts of the reading, so that we may further discuss these in class. These are informal comments, not research papers—you will not be docked for any grammatical or spelling errors. The end goal of these posts is to foster meaningful, thoughtful class discussions in which we learn from each other.


  • Due: weekly, before noon on the day of class
  • Length: 1 to 2 paragraphs
  • Submit: to the class blog
  • Late policy: posts submitted after noon on the day of class receive 0 points
    • (unless previously cleared with instructor)
  • Include: your name, title of the reading(s) considered in your response

If you have trouble thinking of something to write, here are some questions you can answer to get yourself started:

  • How does this reading fit into the broader ideas/issues of information organization?
  • How does this fit in with or contradict another reading (from this class or an earlier meeting)?
  • What surprised you about this reading, and why?
  • If two of the readings took different approaches or contradicted each other, what did you learn from this? Do you agree with one author over another? Why or why not?
  • Does the author consider this topic from the viewpoint of a library user?

About Dr. Starr Hoffman

I'm a Las Vegas-based, Texas-bred academic librarian (Director of Planning & Assessment at UNLV), with a PhD in Higher Education. When not researching (ha!), I'm traveling, writing, photographing, geeking out, painting, reading, & discovering new hobbies with my husband.

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