Weekly response to readings on Cataloging , by Valerie Ramshur

I found all the readings this week extremely helpful.  The clear and simple language explaining the “why” and ” how ” of cataloguing, allowed me to begin the process of wrapping my head around the incredibly daunting task of creating and maintaining catalogues.   One of the many points I found interesting across the board in all the readings this week, was our relationship to and with technology.   How we are linking and connecting more and more with libraries  and collections all over the world, and yet even with this increased use of this advance technology – this “art” is still very much based on human input.  The use of human skills in decision making, writing descriptive metadata  and assigning classification are only a few ways in which the  human cataloger in collaboration with advanced technology and machinery will continue to drive forward the ever changing world of information organization.  

There is so much to take in and process from these readings that i look forward to the discussion in class.


About Valerie R.

Head of Costume Design, Mason Gross School of the Arts, Rutgers University. Freelance Professional Costume Designer, and Archivist.

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