First Weekly Response: Katherine M.

We are now in the advanced stages of a future David M. Levy questions in his article, “Cataloging in the Digital Order”.  I have considered sites that are advanced examples of what he imagines though, through this article, my conception of cataloging at this time has become less defined.  

For example, he mentions an early cataloging prototype in development with OCLC called “Building a Catalog of Internet Resources”. OCLC now has incredibly refined software in use by international organizations. 

Levy is concerned with ordering practices, especially as they relate to authorship.  Systems are currently becoming more and more blurred as user generated content and open source projects disrupt the authority of an author and become labeled through folksonomies.

He asks, “How must publishing change when “publications” can be instantaneously distributed on the Net?”  We still don’t know the results of corporate entities like Amazon competing with public libraries to provide access to digital books. Or, if “video books” will catch on in scholarly publishing. Alternately, if PeerLibrary will grow as a resource for academic literature.

A lot has changed since this article was written but many of his questions remain open.

-Katherine Martinez


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