Readings Response 1, Erin E. McCabe

Once I got past the historical and descriptive elements of the Taylor and Joudrey Cataloging article, it was interesting to see the article develop the idea of interoperability in the direction of the digital era. This called to mind the more current hopes/practices of linked data. I wonder what could be built using cataloging metadata. [side note: Has anyone perused these metadata games?] Though I found myself getting a bit tangled in some of the more tech-fluent encoding practices. To what extent is MARCXML encoding related to XML? An even more basic question might be, “Is this type of digital encoding largely descriptive, or does it result in concrete locating/action?”

In Cataloging in the Digital Age, Levy brings up that there is initial cataloging, but also cataloging practices that are more directed at the constant upkeep. In his depiction of cataloging material on the net, it would seem that constant upkeep would become implausible upkeep or if forced to strongly, that it would slow production of new content. However, I am not sure I understood what he meant by making a distinction between cataloging the net versus cataloging materials on the net. The internet doesn’t have a catalog but the speed it provides allows for a quicker decision making when it comes to choosing appropriate material. To what extent do we have to trust the patrons’ ability?


About Erin E. McCabe

Publisher relations and content development assistant at JSTOR. Master's candidate in Library and Information Science at Pratt Institute.

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