Weekly Response #1 Emily Moyer

I thought Arlene Taylor and Daniel Joudrey’s article Cataloging in the Encyclopedia of Library and Information Sciences was helpful in beginning to understand the terminology and concepts of cataloging in a library setting. Taylor and Joudrey supply definitions within context that are accessible to the reader. For example, the concept of authority control within cataloging is defined and described fairly comprehensibly with a focus on how critical consistency is in finding items and showing relationships between works. I also appreciated that the authors pointed readers to other articles for further information on a subject. For example, in their brief mention of outsourcing and contracting catalogers, the authors point to two articles that discuss both the advantages and disadvantages. Where I believe this article was unsuccessful was in the section “Future Developments.” I found this section confusing and thought that the subject matter was perhaps geared toward an audience with more knowledge about the subject.


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