Weekly response #2: Christina

Would “evolve” rather than “die” be more fitting? Roy Tennant in MARC Must Die spells out MARC’s flaws: concerns with data quality and limitations with hierarchies and relationships. He also writes, however, that this doesn’t mean “we abandon our existing system.” Can the rich metadata captured by the MARC system be incorporated or adapted to work within new web systems and standards?

Tennant cites XML, and exploring this topic led me to URIs, APIs, and rich data as connectors of disparate web pages. Can we “open” MARC metadata to help generate a web of knowledge? I have only a broad understanding, so I’m sure my question is an oversimplification. But I think of coders and software engineers — not librarians — when I hear the term “semantic web.” There seems to be an important opportunity now for librarians, as information experts, to evolve and map out a role in this new information and retrieval landscape.


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