Week 3- Metadata- Katherine K.

To be honest without trying to sound pretentious, I knew metadata was an important factor in LIS. I use to it to catalog at my internship and I’m glad the readings backed up my findings about this. Overall, I think Chowdhury’s chapter on Metadata put it best since he explains it simply rather then going into too much detail. While the other articles were decent, they really made Metadata seemed more complicated then it really was.

According to Chowdbury’s Chapter on Metadata (page 142), it helps:

1) facilitate the proper description and cataloguing of information resources, especially electronic and web resources.

2) Information retrieval: metadata facilitate information retrieval, and several subject gateways use metadata for resource discovery and information retrieval.

3) Management of information resources: metadata are the main building blocks of information architecture and content management, two newly developed fields within information services that aim to organize information in more effective ways so that it can be retrieved by users easily and intuitively.

4) Determination of document ownership and authenticity of digital resources: metadata store important information about electronic information resources that can tell users about ownership, provenance, special marks, etc, which can be very useful for resource discovery and management.

5) Ensuring interoperability and data transfer between systems: metadata formats enable data transfer between systems.

In conclusion, I’m glad overall Chowdhury put metadata simply and into bullet points for those who are just learning about the subject. He writes it very well without making it complicated, as metadata should be.


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