Anna Murphy, Final Project Proposal

Name: Anna Murphy

My group has chosen the topic: Information Architecture in Libraries/Museums

I am interested in this topic because: I am interested in becoming a school librarian and I am very curious to see how the vast world of information is presented to an age-appropriate audience in a school setting. I am interested to learn the theoretical basis for how information ought to be arranged and made accessible for the user, as well as seeing how this is accomplished in practice.

Three sources:

Wilson, A. P. (2004). Library web sites: Creating online collections and services. Chicago: American Library Association.

Herring, J. E. (2011). Improving students’ web use and information literacy: A guide for teachers and teacher librarians. London: Facet Publishing.

Jones, K. M. L., & Farrington, P-A. (2013). Learning from libraries that use wordpress: Content-management system best practices and case studies. Chicago: American Library Association.

Based on my preliminary research, my focus:

I will focus on information architecture for libguides in K-12 schools. I believe information architecture in this type of library is interesting because it must use the most basic tenets of information architecture. With such a young audience, school librarians have the great responsibility of distilling all the information that is available and making a clean, clear framework for how information is organized. School libraries often create special research guides or “libguides” that alert students to relevant resources and offer tips on how to use them for specific subject areas or projects. I would like to know more about how these are set up online, what platforms are commonly used, and how information architecture theories are used to create these platforms. I will look into best practices for information architecture and how teachers and librarians are advised to use them. I will also look at examples of libguides and library websites to see how these rules are put into practice.


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