Final Project Proposal- Katherine K.

Name: Katherine Kotacska

My group has chosen this project: Digital Collections and Metadata

I am interested in this project because: When I was getting my bachelor’s degree, I got heavily involved into film which eventually encouraged me to go Library School with an interest in film. VRA Core, as defined by the Metropolitan New York Council, is “a metadata standard for the description of images and works of art and culture.” ( While I have been interested in digital collections for a long time, I also chose this project since I know very little about the metadata that occurs with the video projects I have done in the past. This project is also a chance to examine this area of Digital Collections and gain more knowledge about the subject itself.

List three specific resources that you may be useful in your research. (You may or may not use them in your final literature review. One of these resources may be a website- the others should be books or journal reviews).

Baca, M. (2006). Cataloging cultural objects a guide to describing cultural works and their images. Chicago: American Library Association.

VRA Core 4.0 Element Description. (2007, May 4). Retrieved October 2, 2014, from

Kim, E. (n.d.). An Artist’s Digital Preservation Toolkit. Art Documentation: Journal of the Art Libraries Society of North America, 219-234. Retrieved October 2, 2014, from JSTOR.

Based on my preliminary research, I have chosen to focus on the following aspect of our group topic (one-paragraph abstract): My focus for this project is to focus on VRA Core and how it has evolved within certain collections. Upon my research, I found numerous digital collections from Cornell University, North Carolina State University, Rhode Island School of Design, Smith College, University of Cincinnati, University of Michigan and the University of New York. I want to examine how the metadata has influenced preserving some of these digital collections and how VRA core has changed over time to suit their needs. I also am interested in its similarities to Dublin Core, since while doing some research I found it was also based on it.


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