LIS 653–Maureen McElroy Final Project Proposal

Final Project Proposal

Name:  Maureen McElroy

My Group has chosen this topic: Linked Open Data

I am interested in this topic because: I really did not know much about Linked Open Data when my group picked this topic.  What I did know about this topic is it is about making information more easily available.  I have for some time been interested in Intellectual Property Law and that is the field work in doing research.    Intellectual Property Law appears to be the opposite of Open Data.  The arguments against Open Data are the arguments for Intellectual Property protections and vice versa.


Coyle, K., & American Library Association. (2012). Linked data tools: Connecting on the web. Chicago, Ill: American Library Association.

Mitchell, E. T. (2014). Library Linked Data: Research and Adoption. Chicago: American Library Association.

Engard, N. C. (2010). Practical open source software for libraries. Oxford: Chandos Publishing.

Hooland, S. ., & Verborgh, R. (2014). Linked data for libraries, archives and museums: How to clean, link and publish your metadata. Chicago: Neal-Schuman.

I have chosen to focus on the following aspect of my groups topic:  I have chosen to focus on Europeana and its legal, copyright, and licensing issues with regards to metadata.  Europeana is Europe’s digital library, archive and museum with the goal of providing open access.  While many organizations across Europe have already submitted metadata to Europeana with the goal open access, many have not.  Organizations, especially museums, have issue embracing open data licensing. There is no international copyright laws, each country has its own laws regarding licensing, in addition to organizational policies in allowing same.  What is the best way to address these issues?


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