Project Proposal : Erin E. McCabe

My group has chosen Non-Western Classification Systems

I am interested in this topic from a linguistic standpoint as well as its cultural considerations. After reading through the many complaints and debates that have surfaced with more contemporary cataloging – namely the unique issues posed by digital content and digital access – it seems that some non-western cultures might be perfectly poised to leap frog the burden of current U.S. standards to create something useful free from historic fetters.

MOROCCO seems to be always bridging realms – it’s a bit old world but a bit modern. I think Morocco is especially interesting since it has long been a multilingual area: people use Arabic, French (at least in the larger cities or in a vehicular sense), and then not so long ago the LC even approved a Romanization table for the berber standardized language, Moroccan Tamazight.

My general ideas so far include:

  • A lot of linguistic agility that might force a certain amount of the same in cataloging practice.
  • Romanization tables seem like a really strange, one-sided idea to me.
  • The evolution of cataloging as libraries moved beyond their original Mosque bases.
  • Morocco is not as wholly online as the “western world” in their libraries or in their homes.
  • If there’s been significant evolution in cataloging style / if that’s been a result of western involvement.

Specific Sources I’m Considering:

  • Africanist Librarianship in an Era of Change by Victoria K. Evalds; David Henige
  • The Journal, Libraries & Culture, published by University of Texas Press
  • Libraries for the General Public in French-Speaking Africa: Their Cultural Role, 1803-1975 by Mary Niles Maack
  • Library and Information Science Education in Morocco: Curriculum Development and Adaptation to Change by Mimoun Mokhtari
  • Degeneration and Decay in the National Museum: Useful and Useless Memory in Modern Morocco
  • LC/Cairo Report: Delivered at MELA Annual Meeting, November 1987 by Chris Filstrup and Linda Darling
  • Facebook à la Fullbright by Heather Lea Moulaison (Fullbright Library Scholar in Morocco)
  • Library and Information Science Education in Morocco: Notes on a Recent Visit by Brendan Loughridge

About Erin E. McCabe

Publisher relations and content development assistant at JSTOR. Master's candidate in Library and Information Science at Pratt Institute.

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