Anna Murphy, Response #5

As conceptually mind-bending as it is, I admire the creators of FRBR for clarifying and redefining such entrenched terminology. I really liked the “Family of Works” figure because it shows, visually, how unwieldy these iterations of works are and how difficult it is for anyone to attempt to contain it in bibliographic form. Colloquially, as this article mentions, a “book” can mean so much more than a book, and in fact I catch myself feeling disingenuous saying “I read a book” when in fact I listened to an audiobook or read an ebook. I stand by the use, as the work’s content was conveyed and comprehended, but there is something still sanctified about a physical book, or “copy” I should say. I admire FRBR’s appreciation and integration of these other iterations as they become increasingly commonplace.


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